Cosmic Trip Machine has been made "Band of the Month" by Dutch radio station, Castricum105.

During February, Carry's Music Machine Radio show will promote the new album The Curse of Lord Space Devil available on Nasoni Records by giving five airplays in each program. The show can be listened on every Monday, from 8 to 10 PM (European time).

Don't miss the last "The Curse of Lord Space Devil" French, English and Dutch reviews.

  File Under - The Curse of Lord Space Devil (nl)
"album with amazing moments" - Dubbel Mono

  Prog-Sphere (en)
"This is a record that really has grown on me, even after the first 2-3 listens." - Scott Heller

  Gew Gaw Fanzine (en)
"All the things in their sound that we love is here!" - George Markou

  Concertzender - Popart (nl)

  ProgArchives, Eetu Pellonpää (en)
"this record should be taken as kind of movie for your ears, as Frank Zappa once stated in some of his record, and allow one to be carried with the scenes." - Eetu Pellonpää

  Lost-in-Tyme (en)
"I believe that their music was (and still is) good enough to reach a large audience." - Tassos Opa-Loka

  ProgArchives, Rivertree (en)
"the great guitar work is generally striking and again they offer many haunting melodies. So this one surely is dedicated to fans of trippy psych music." - Rivertree

  Music in Belgium (fr)
"A great and delicate psychedelic rock, simply beautiful, which makes you want to know other Cosmic Trip Machine albums and to float in their musical imagination." - François Becquart

Meanwhile, Cosmic Trip Machine is back in the Studio to record Kosmische Kraut Maschine album, the next opus. More informations soon...